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iSETI, Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative
Speaking Engagement Topics

Benjamin has given many radio/internet interviews, the most recent being Badlands Radio. Others being The Space Show and World NPA (July 18,2009). Do look up White Papers for recorded interviews.

Benjamin will speak to a non technical audience, on interstellar travel, gravity modification, non-inertia fields, non-gaussian photon probability distribution, how quantum theory will change in the future, new materials design strategies, what is science?, emergence as a guiding principle for scientific theories.

He is willing to speak about his 12-year search for a different model of gravity, how he found it, the experiments, and that there is a difference between discovery and acceptance.

Ben Solomon discovered gravitational acceleration without mass & Ni Fields
Booking Benjamin Solomon

For more information on how to engage Benjamin Solomon for fee based speaking engagements, please email or call: me on Google Voice

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