An Introduction to Gravity Modification, Second Edition:
A guide to using Laithwaite's and Podkletnov's experiments and the physics of forces for empirical results.
iSETI, Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative
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Author: Benjamin T Solomon

Number of Pages: 530

ISBN-10: 1612330894

ISBN-13: 9781612330891

Publisher: Universal-Publishers

Year: 2012

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An Introduction to Gravity Modification, Second Edition is the result of a 12-year (1999-2011) study into the theoretical and technological feasibility of gravity modification, that presents the new physics of forces by replacing relativistic, quantum and string theories with process models. Gravity, electromagnetism and mechanical forces are unified by Ni fields, and obey a common equation g = (tau)c^2.

Gravity modification is defined as the modification of the strength and direction of the gravitational acceleration without the use of mass as the primary source of this modification, in local space time. It consists of field modulation and field vectoring. Field modulation is the ability to attenuate or amplify a force field. Field vectoring is the ability to change the direction of this force field .

This book reaches out to a wider audience, and not just to the theoretical physicist; to engineers and technologist who have the funding to experiment; just as Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson experimented with the Holmdel Horn Antenna and discovered the microwave background radiation. The mathematics is easier than that taught in theoretical physics and therefore accessible to a wider audience such as these engineers and technologists.
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Foreward by Dr. Andrew Beckwith
Dr. Andrew Beckwith is an astrophyscists with the Department of Physics, University of Chongqing, Chongqing, People's Republic of China, 400044. More information at Life Boat.

He is a Fellow of the Space Physics Committee on Space Research (COSPAR) and on their Committee for Space Astrophysics as well as a Life Member of the American Institute of Beamed Energy Propulsion (AIBEP). He has attended several astrophysics conferences in the last few years (2008) including the following: Space Technology Application International Forum (STAIF) 2007 and 2008 (HFGW sessions), Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling in Solids (QAMTS) 2007 (Texas), 23rd International Conference On Neutrino Physics And Astrophysics (Neutrino 2008) (New Zealand), and European Committee for Future Accelerators (ECFA) 2008 on behalf of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Poland).

Here are a sample of his published papers.

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